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Dr. Polson Your Next Speaker

Dr. Polson is a highly educated and successful practitioner, who is happily married and is actively involved in the lives of four wonderful Grandchildren. As a successful and extraordinary skilled Chiropractic Practitioner Dr. Polson vigorously turns his healing passion as educator, coach and keynote speaker, who has been “awe-inspiring” local and national American audiences with his unique and powerful “Half Hour to Health and Healing,” and other Chiropractic presentations on optimal health and wellness. For thirty years Dr. Polson has dedicated himself to achieve the goal of decreasing the number of work injuries, decreasing the number of trips people make to the pharmacy and Surgeons table, thereby increasing the quality of families’ lives.

His energy and working knowledge of Subluxation has allowed him to share valuable insights on living a healthy balanced life for patients, other Doctors and Employers; allowing industry to save on operating costs with reduced insurance claims, lost days of work and increased production.

Dr. Polson’s most requested speaking topics include the following: Back Injury Prevention, Dealing With Stress, Headaches Natural Relief, Power Nutrition, Optimal Health and Healing, Half Hour To Healing.

Dr. Polson a 1984 Graduate of Texas Chiropractic where he earned his doctoral degree, he did his undergraduate work at the University of Houston as well as two other junior colleges VRJC and SJC; post Graduate Doctoral work with emphasis on radiology at Texas Chiropractic in Pasadena, Texas; and attends numerous post-graduate work throughout the country annually.

Dr. Polson is a Certified Red Cross back injury prevention instructor.

Dr. Polson is Head Philosophy Coach, co-founder and an alumni board member for the Local DFW chapter of SOCM Society of Chiropractic Masters since 1993.