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10 Fundamental Scientific Truths Regarding Health and Sickness

1. All living things, including humans, are composed of individual living cells working harmoniously together in a self healing and self regulating ecosystem to maintain homeostasis, health and life.

2. Our cells are innately or genetically equipped from birth with all the necessary intelligence to function properly. Our cells are programmed for homeostasis and health and they NEVER dysfunction without a physical, emotional, chemical or spiritual stressor.

3. Our cells are all genetically programmed with the perfect recipe for health; it is our choices and our living environment that determines whether or not the proper ingredients are supplied.

4. Health by definition is a state of consistent homeostatic cell function.

5. Sickness, by definition, is a lack of consistent homeostatic cell function. Sickness is a lack of health just like darkness is a lack of light.

6 .The function of our cells determines our states of health and sickness.

7. The cause of all non-homeostatic cell function is STRESSORS (not random chance).

8. All health stressors can be divided into one of two categories:

A. Toxicities

B. Deficiencies

9. Because cells are born with all the required innate genetic intelligence for homeostasis, cells always function perfectly in relation to any given environment. Symptoms do NOT represent an error in the intelligence of cells.

10. In order to function properly and produce health cells must have all requirements met and be free of toxicity and have no deficiencies.

Chiropractic is one way to prevent deficiencies in the body. The chiropractic lifestyle (better nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional well-being) strives to allow a life with minimal toxicity and deficiencies.

Sickness is a lack of health

.......just like

Darkness is a lack of light.


Your Body gives you symptoms to tell you it needs help.

Are you covering up or listening?

Take your nails for example. Most unhealthy nails are associated with nutrient deficiencies, poor care or lifestyle choices. What are yours saying about your health?




Iron deficiency, poor circulation, thryoid imbalance

Chip,crack,peel orbreak easily

General nutrient deficiencies, poor digestion, low stomach acid (HCL), loss of moisture from aging, dehydration, harsh chemicals

White spots

Lack of zinc

White bands

Lack of protein

Unusually wide and square



Anemia (Iron Deficiency)


Folic acid deficiency, Vitamin C or protein

Dark and/or thin, flat, spoon shape

B12 deficiency or anemia

Vertical ridges

Poor general health, poor nutrient absorption, low in iron

Horizontal ridges

Severe physical or psychological stress

White moon area turns red


White moon area turns blue

Heavy metal poisoning, lung

Bumps on the surface

Rheumatoid arthritis

Half white with dark spots at tip


Deep blue nail bed



Liver, lymphatic

Downward curved ends

Heart, Liver, Respiratory

Nail Fungus

Immune system, lack of "friendly" bacteria (probiotics)

This list is not complete and there are many more possibilities. A good reference source is the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James Balch M.D. & Phyllis Balch C.N.C. (Avery Publishing Group)

As chiropractors, we always strive to help you see your body as whole and connected. In the medical field, there is a specialist for each body part and the paradigm is taught that each body part or system is independent. The truth is that the body functions as a whole and when there is a deficiency in one area, a symptom can be produced elsewhere. For example, when you have spinal Subluxation the nerve supply attached to that spinal level affects whatever organ or tissue is at the other end of the nerve. That neck Subluxation of C5 may be causing heart damage, not just neck pain. Your adjustments are helping your whole body. -Dr. Michael C. Polson

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